Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

Here is another for my mother
From her children’s eldest brother
As I sit here and I ponder
To where next her feet will wander

Her Prescott house is now for sale
Now where will she get her mail?
A guest house on a child’s lot?
Or will she buy her own new plot?

Where will she go?
Where will she be?
She's not so sure
She says “We’ll see.”

Could it be a house with Phil
In a guest house on a hill?
Will she be up next to Mark?
Where she can hear Hagrid bark?
Perhaps Snuffy has some space
Or Jackie's presence she will grace

Or here
Or there
Oh where oh where?

Hey! I know! 
Here is a plan!
She can move in with Scuba!
Unless of course
She switches up
And moves off to Aruba 

Although it's written by your son
I freely speak for everyone
It matters not where your day starts
There is a home in each our hearts

Your itchy feet are on the go
But I am here to say
Have yourself an awesome time and

Happy Mother's Day!